From Pierce County to the Canadian Border and all surrounding areas. Our goal is to invest in local real estate, providing equitable opportunity to homeowners. From raw land, to commercial properties, we have no limits.


If your property has development potential, we're the people to call. We strive to get owners top dollar for their property. That includes everything from apartment buildings, condominiums to commercial buildings and property.

Why is Alpine Holdings the right buyer for you?

  • We are a local investment company that focuses on property in Washington State.

  • Quick and easy solutions to any situation a home or property owner may be in.

  • No fees, no commission, and no hassle when you sell off market with us.

  • We buy houses or property as is. No matter the condition, we will offer a fair price for your property.

  • Cash in hand. No lender approval needed. Other wholesalers just flip with borrowed money.

  • We oversee everything from the purchase to final closing. Which alleviates dealing multiple contacts.

Current Projects

  • Six Unit New Construction Townhomes in Ballard, WA

  • Eight Home Development in Machias WA

  • Eight Home Development in Oso, WA

  • Full Remodel in Lake City, WA


Call or Text: 360-899-8876